Looking for Four Leaf Clovers


Looking for Four Leaf Clovers

I found some yellow flowers. I needed the luck. But the yellow flowers were pretty


Surnames: My Eckardt Mystery


On my Fathers side of the tree are the Eckardt’s.  George Henry Marshall Eckardt married Angeline Kinsey.  They had at least three children Charles, John and Emily Eckardt.  My Great Grandma was Louisa Pauline Eckardt and her sister was Marie Elizabeth Eckardt.  Louisa said their father’s name was John.  Marie Elizabeth said their fathers name was Charles.  So the mystery has been to find Louisa and Marie on censuses.  There is no sign of them in Virginia where the rest of their family were on the censuses.  I have some letters that say that Louisa grew up without the “love of a mother.”  What that means, I have no idea.  All the people are gone now that know the truth.  I don’t even know if it matters now.  Except that on Louisa’s death certificate her father is listed as John.  She was listed as being born in Virginia. Futher she is listed as being born in Rappahanock,  Scotts County.  Her sister Marie is listed as being born in Washington. I thought it was D C.  I now think it may be Washington, Scott County, Virginia.  Louisa and Marie went on the marry the Beedy brothers.  If you have ever heard of the Kinseys or the Eckardts in Virginia and this story,  feel free to contact me.  Maybe we can find the answer to the mystery.



Slowly it seemed

I found my way.

Painstaking it was

To search it through.

Quiet it was

The moment of discovery.

Indeed, I was there

and knew it not

‘Til I tried

To go back again.

Rachel Burland Johnson

copyright 2011


Canadian Genealogy


My ancestors on both my Mother and my Fathers sides either came from Canada or went to Canada.  My Fathers family are the Beede’s/Beedys and the Burlands.  The Burlands are from Manitoba, Winnipeg, Saskatchewan, and Montreal.  I have not researched the Beedes/Beedys from Canada, so I do not know where they are from yet.

My Mothers side are the Clarks.  The Clarks went from Monmouth, New Jersey to Canada.  The ancestor that went to Canada was Alexander Clark, the Loyalist.  I have read a lot about the Clarks that went to Canada, but never heard from them.  Also, on my Mothers side are the Olsson/Brun’s.  John Berndt Brun was my Great Grand Uncle.  His name when he left from Sweden was Johan Berndt Emanuelsson.  He may have changed his name for a short time to John Berndt Olsson.  His brother Oskar Fredrick Olsson/Olson, was my great grandpa.

I have had quite a bit of occasion to research online in Canada.  The people in Canada were always very nice and informative.  I have gotten the Marriage, Birth and Death Certificates from Canada for the Burlands.  I have found will for the Burlands.  I also have found the will for John Berndt Brun.  It is nice to see how my ancestors lived so long ago.  It is fun to find out who my cousins are, and to sometimes meet them in person and/or online. It rounds out the family, so to speak.

I have learned quite a bit about history too in my genealogical ramblings.  It gives me great respect for my Grandfather who came from Brandon, Manitoba and made a home in Minnesota.  I have learned that James Berndt Brun had an occupation listed as “miner, gold”  on the 1900 Canadian census.  He also had stock in 3 mines which he passed to his children.  Alexander Clark never came back to New Jersey.  Not that I blame him.  His land was confiscated because he chose the British over the Americans.  Some of our other ancestors that did not leave were killed for fighting on the side of the British.

I want to thank all of my new cousins in Canada who have given me photos and stories to complete my ancestry.  I would also like to thank all the people I have dealt with in the government to obtain such wonderful documents from the past.  ImageFrank Joseph Burland born 1867 Canada.  This is my Great Grandfather in his World War I uniform.  His father was Bartholomew Burland born 1809 Wexford, Ireland his mother was Hannah Gill born Waterford, Ireland.