What Happened to Please and Thank You are they even in the dictionary anymore??


I agree. There are far fewer manners in all walks of life in America today. It is a shame.

Thought's By Danny

When I walk into a shop (as for everyone else they may have a different view on this) it’s nice to be greeted with a smile, when you walk to the counter it’s nice to have the shop assistant say Please and Thank You rather than be on Facebook on their phone most probably posting about how boring their day is and to top it off gives you a look that you have bothered them because you wanted to buy something in the shop they’re working in! 

People no longer seem to grasp the concept of a queue whereupon the person at the front gets served first (I know that’s shocking stuff!) Don’t think that browsing chocolate bars near the front of the counter then pushing your way to the front of the queue casually is going unnoticed because its not, in fact it makes you look like an asshole!.

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